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Department of Health

The Ho-Chunk Nation | Wisconsin




The Ho-Chunk Department of Health provides public health care services throughout different divisions in order to improve the health and well being of its tribal members.

  • Preventative Care
  • Well Child Exams
  • Sports Physicals
  • Diabetic Care
  • CDL Physicals
  • Food Distribution
  • Nutrition Education
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Contraception
  • Individual Therapy
  • Marriage Counselling


Vaccines Are Not Just For Kids

We all need shots (also called vaccinations or immunization) to help protect us from serious diseases. To help keep our community safe, The Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Health is proudly participating in National Immunization Awareness Month.

Shots can prevent serious diseases Spread the word about ways to reduce the risk of injuries. Encourage communities, workplaces, families, and individuals to identify and report safety hazards

Find out which shots your family needs today:
     * Children 6 years of age or younger
     * Adults and Teenagers
     * Adults
     * If you are pregnant

New Articles

Native Americans with Diabetes
Written by the CDC

Native Americans (American Indians and Alaska Natives) have a greater chance of having diabetes than any other US racial group. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, a costly condition that requires dialysis or kidney transplant for survival.


New Printable Tip Sheets on Walking
Written by IHS

Print and share these easy-to-read tip sheets that encourage clients to start or continue physical activity by walking.


Too Loud! For Too Long!

Written by The CDC

Unless your hearing is tested, it’s really hard to know if it’s damaged. About one in four U.S. adults who say their hearing is good or excellent actually have hearing damage.
Hearing loss is the third most common chronic health condition in the US.
Noise exposure can cause permanent hearing loss. And once it’s gone, you can’t get it back!