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Department of Health

The Ho-Chunk Nation | Wisconsin

Environmental Health

Overall Goal: The goal of the Division of Environmental Health (DEH) is to identify and alleviate any environmental hazards that may harm the health of the Ho-Chunk Tribal Members. The Ho-Chunk Nation Division of Environmental Health is a comprehensive program which works to identify environmental hazards which affect the health of tribal members and the general public served by Ho-Chunk Nation Enterprises. Programs and initiatives are directed toward assessing environmental conditions, remediating existing hazards, and preventing environmental problems.

Key Tasks: The following environmental areas are addressed by the program: Water Quality, Solid Waste Management, Wastewater Management, Food Sanitation, Vector Control, Air Pollution, Institutional Environmental Health, Code Compliance in Facilities, Community Injury Prevention, Underground Storage Tanks, Environmental Assessment, Emergency Preparedness, Surface Water Monitoring, Wetlands Delineation, and Construction Projects.

Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) are required by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The CCR must be prepared and distributed by all Community Water Systems in order to provide information concerning water quality for the previous monitoring year. The report identifies detected contaminants, compliance with drinking water rules, and educational language, and is based on information reported to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

CCR Ho-Chunk Che Nunk 2019

CCR Ho-Chunk Village 2019

CCR Ho-Chunk Indian Heights 2019

CCR Ho-Chunk Mission Sand Pillow 2019

CCR Ho-Chunk Nekoosa 2019

Rob Voss
Registered Sanitarian
Enviromental Health Director

Pam Thunder
Registered Sanitarian

Scott McManners
Sanitary Facilities Coordinator

Randy Poelma
Environmental Specialist

Kevin Gunderson
Evironmental Specialist

Matt Malimanek
Quality Air Specialist

Sheryl Nichols
Maintenance Supervisor

Rick Johnston
Maintenance Worker II

Tamara Relyea
Maintenance Worker II

Todd Cloud
Maintenance Worker II
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