House of Wellness Youth Services Chemicals

Chemical Product Name Company SDS
Aersol Enamel All Colorn/a
Baby PowderJohnson and Johnson
Baking SodaArm and Hammer
Chewing Gum RemoverSpartanPDF
Cutter Back Yard Bug Control SprayCutter
Easy-Off BBQ Grill CleanerReckitt Benckiser
Equate SunscreenEquate
Faultless Heavy StarchBon Ami Corp
Golden GloSpartanPDF
GS High Diliution Disinfectant 256SpartanPDF
Hand WarmersGrabbers
Kingford Odorless Charcole LighterThe Clorox Company
Kleen Strip Paint ThinnerBarr
Krylon Flurocent PaintKrylon Products
Lite'n Foamy Cranberry IceSpartanPDF
Lotionized Liquid Hand CleanerSpartanPDF
OFF! Deep WoodsSC Johnson
PlaidPlaid Enterprise
Polygard Universal AntifreezePolygard
PTOUCH 2XRust-Oleum
PurpleShield WashZecol
RID Lice SprayBayer Health Care LLCPDF
Scotch Weld3M
SD-20 All Purpose Degrease AerosolSpartanPDF
Silicone WaterguardAtsko
Speedy CleanzSafetec
Sta-FloDial Corp
Steriphene II Brand Clean FreshSpartanPDF
Steriphene II Brand DisinfectantSpartanPDF
Super Miracle BubblesImperial
Thompson Water SealThompson
Tikki Citronella Toarch FuelLamplight Farms
Tire SealerAftermath Auto Parts
Ultra-PureLamplight Farms
VaselineScience Lab