House of Wellness Aquatic Chemicals

Chemical Product Name Company SDS
3 Soap Scum RemoverMulti-CleanPDF
3M Brand 504 Respirator Cleaning Wipes3MPDF
Airworks 3.0 Citrus GroveHospecoPDF
Airworks 3.0 Midnight SkyHospecoPDF
Alka-Seltzer Antacid and Pain RelieverBayer Healthcare PDF
All Algee ControlN. Jonas and CoPDF
Bioguard Lo'n SlowBio-Lab Inc
Bioguard ProdoxBio-Lab Inc
Bioguard Scale InhibitorBio-Lab IncPDF
Bioguard Sparkle UpBio-Lab IncPDF
Brilliance WipesDelta-Pak Pty LTD
Chem Spa Sauna KleenaChemspa Industries Inc
Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%)Rowell Chemical Corporation
Consume Eco-LyzerSpartan
DefoamNyco Products Co
Dial Liquid Antimicrobial SoapHenkelPDF
Dry AcidJones-Hamilton
Electrolyte CGE/CTEProminrnt Fluid Controls
Electrolyte CLEProminrnt Fluid Controls
Eucalyptus OilThe Essential Oil CompanyPDF
Fast 365 Neutral PH Daily CleanerTennantPDF
Fast and Easy Hard Surface CleanerSpartanPDF
Gasoila Soft SetFederal Process Corp.PDF
GLB Drop n' VacAdvantis Technology
GLB Natural ClearAdvantis Technology
GLB Sequa-SolAdvantis Technology
GLB TLCAdvantis Technology
GOJO Premium Foam Antibacterial HandwashGOJO IndustriesPDF
Goo Gone Spray GelMagic American ProductsPDF
HCL AdvantageAdvantis Technology
Houdini Lock LubricantProtexall Products
Hydrogen Peroxide 3%Hydrox LaboratoriesPDF
Innovera Duster Non-FlammableFalcon Safety Products
Instant Ice PackAir Products
Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) 50%Cumberland Swan
Isopropyl Alcohol Preps 70%Becton Dickenson
Kimcare Hair and BodywashKimberly-Clark
Muriatic Acid 5 GallonDupoint Fluoroproducts
Muraiatic Acid 1 Gallon ChampionChampion Packaging
NABC Non-Acid Disfectant Bathroom CleanerSpartanPDF
Poolife Active Cleaning Granules ChlorinatorARCH Chemicals
Polyblend Sanded GroutCustom Building Products
Proguard 3" TabletsBio-LabPDF
Proguard Dichloro GranulesBio-Lab
PVC Regular Clear CementOatey
R-0003 DPD Reagent #3Taylor TechnologiesPDF
R-0004 PH Indicator SolutionTaylor TechnologiesPDF
R-0007 Thiosulfate N/10Taylor TechnologiesPDF
R-0008 Total Alkalinity IndicatorTaylor TechnologiesPDF
R-0009 Sulfuric Acid .12NTaylor TechnologiesPDF
R-0010 Calcium BufferTaylor TechnologiesPDF
R-0011L Calcium Indicator LiquidTaylor TechnologiesPDF
R-0012 Hardness ReagentTaylor TechnologiesPDF
R-0870 DPD PowerTaylor TechnologiesPDF
R-0871 FAS-DPD Titrating Reagent ChlorineTaylor TechnologiesPDF
Sea Goin Poxy Putty Part A BasePermalit Plastics Corp
Sea Goin Poxy Putty Part B CatalystPermalit Plastics Corp
Sodium BicarbonateFMC Specialty Alkali Corp
Sodium Carbonate, AnhydrousGeneral Chemical Industrial Product
Sodium Thiosulfate PentahydrateSciancelab
Spa Body Shampoo (Bulk)SpartanPDF
Sterile Saline SolutionTeknova
Steriphene II Brand Disinfectant DeodorantSpartanPDF
Sulfuric AcidMilport Chemical Company
Triple Antibiotic OintmentFougera Pharmaceuticals
TSP - PFSavogran
Vulkem 116 WhiteTremco
Wall Power Foaming Wall WasherDiversey
Weld-on Plumbing Clear Low Primer for PVCIPS Corportations