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Department of Health

The Ho-Chunk Nation | Wisconsin

Medical Services

Medical Services Division provides medical, dental, optical, and podiatry care to our patients. Our healthcare team of providers include: Internist, Pediatrician, and Family Practice Doctor, Family Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistant, visiting Podiatrist, visiting Oncologist, Dentists, visiting Endodontists, Optometrists and supportive staff. All of our healthcare providers within the Department of Health are committed to providing excellence in care and service. The following services are performed by the healthcare team:

HOW Dental Services Provided:

Routine Exams and Cleanings
Scaling and Root Planning
Periodontal Maintenance
Periodontal Surgery
Laser Periodontal Therapy
Dental Fillings and Sealants
Oral Surgery
Fluoride Treatments
Root Canal Therapy
Teeth Whitening (limited basis)
Oral Cancer Screening
Mouth and Night Guard in clinic fabrication
Crown and Bridges
Dentures and Partials
Oral Health Education/Instruction
Nutrition Counseling for Oral Health
Outreach at General Council, Head Start Centers, Journal of Hope, and TAU, School-based Restorative clinic-Wisconsin DHS grant.
Routine Exams and Cleanings
Scaling and Root Planning
Periodontal Maintenance
Periodontal surgery
Oral Cancer Screening
Laser Periodontal therapy
Dental Fillings and Sealants
Fluoride Treatments

Medical Clinic Services Provided:

Acute Care for Injury and Illness
Diabetes Wellness Clinics
Reproductive Health/Prenatal Care
Adolescent Health/Well Child Care
Sports/Physical Exams for All Ages
Smoking Cessation
Weight Management
Laboratory/Radiology Services
Podiatry Services
CDL Examinations (HHCC only)
Mammography Services (HHCC only)
Medication Assisted Treatment for Addiction

Optical Services Provided:

Routine Eye Exams
Adjustments and Minor Eyeglass Repair
Evaluation and Treatment of Minor Eye Infections
Order Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses
Dilated Diabetic Eye Exams
Contact Lens fittings

Joan Greendeer-Lee
Medical Services Director