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The Ho-Chunk Nation Public Health Program is a comprehensive program the strives to provide primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of morbidity and mortality for Ho-Chunk Nation members and other federally recognized tribes in our Contract Health Service Delivery Areas (CHSDA). Our team includes Public Health Nurses, Community Outreach Specialists, and Community Health Representatives (CHRs). Programs and initiatives are directed towards communicable and noncommunicable disease prevention and monitoring, connecting community members to health resources, providing health education, and Public Health Accreditation. Priorities are identified through assessments of tribal members from epidemiological data, community health assessments, community health improvement plans, and government directives.

Primary prevention refers to the prevention of death, disability, and disease onset through behavioral intervention, physical and social environment improvements, health education and communication, and resource allocation.

Secondary prevention refers to prevention focused on early detection and to reduce the burden of disease, death, and disability after onset and/or diagnoses. These methods include screening procedures to enable early intervention.

Tertiary prevention refers to prevention focused on reducing the burden of disease or injury to soften the impact on an individual’s function, longevity, and quality of life.

Kandyce Dunlap
Public Health Director

Phone: 715-284-9851 ext. 35042